David & Madison : The Story Of Our Engagement

For nearly a decade I have made a living for myself by telling other peoples love stories through the lens of my camera, and now the time has come for me to tell my own. As I sit down to write this I can barely find my words. 

October was my busiest month to date at Shutterbug Studios. David and I have had this trip to Blue Ridge, GA planned since August, so I busted my tail to get all the photography deadlines turned around in time for this trip so I could truly just relax. This weekend has been a much needed refresher for both of us. To most people I imagine the thought of being cooped up in a mountain cabin with a dude for a weekend sounds like a terrible idea, but there is no other way we would rather spend our time. It's quiet here. The noise of the city fades away. The stress of school work and finances don't really exist here. It's just us, the mountain, the fall leaves, a bottle of bourbon, a fireplace and a guitar. 

David and I have talked about marriage for a long time. It was no surprise to either of us that we wanted to get married. I knew we would get engaged this weekend, I just didn't know when, or how, or what the ring would look like. I kept preparing myself for it. How would I react? How would I feel when I saw the ring? Would I cry? Would we laugh? Would it be awkward? Would I feel different? So many thoughts swirled through my head. No matter how much I prepared myself, I still would not be prepared to handle the emotions I felt when I saw how beautiful the ring was. The center diamond was passed down to David by my Mom and Dad this past May; the diamond my Dad originally proposed to my Mom with in the 80's. With the help of D. Geller & Son in Atlanta, David had the diamond reset into a ring that is the epitome of my style. It is undoubtedly my favorite piece of jewelry.

When I look at this ring I feel like I'm looking through a window with our future on the other side. All I can think about when I look at it is that this ring will be on my hand through a wedding, a honeymoon, birthdays, anniversaries, the births of our children, school plays, family Christmas gatherings..... all the way to old age. I don't really feel "different". Being engaged just feels like we have finally announced something to the world that we have known all along. 

We wanted to share these pictures from our trip with our friends and family. It was a really surreal feeling to tell my own engagement story through the lens of my Nikon. I have told two dozen love  stories in my lifetime, but ours is my favorite one. 

I love you Matthew David Chandler. I have seen the best of you and the worst of you and I choose both. For the rest of my life.