Christine & Tyler | Atlanta Engagement

I had the pleasure of meeting Christine during our sorority days at Kennesaw State. Her famous sense of humor is known to bring lightheartedness and laughter into any room she enters. I hope you enjoy her unconventional love story as much as I did. 

In the hilarious words of Christine:

Our story began like so many great love stories before us, on the internet. What a fairytale, right? I should back up a bit, it actually started a little more unconventionally. My best friend was at her wits end with my dating life, so she signed me up for online dating against my will. I had been looking for my prince charming at frat parties, and shockingly, it was not going well. So here I am, 20 years old and practically a spinster, signed up for an online dating site with a profile that boasted of my 5th grade spelling bee accomplishments and my love of Dave Matthews. After two days of receiving emails from the site, I logged on for the first time to delete the profile. On the top of the screen were my “best matches.” There was BaldRedneck69, with a 19% match, 40YrOldFratStar with a 34% match, and last but not least, AustinTyler with a stunning 98% match...

I’ve always struggled with math, but 98% percent seemed like a pretty sweet deal. That’s out of 100, right? So, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. He lived in Kennesaw, went to the same university as I do, had a pretty cute dog, and didn’t live with his mom. Overall, this resume was phenomenal compared to what I had dated in the past. I finished my wine and sent him a message. “So this probably comes off as desperate/creepy, but our match is pretty high?”  he responded with something along the lines of “not creepy, but a little desperate. How are you?”  And that was it, folks. I mean, that was it. I asked for his number, and after an hour of talking I saved his name in my phone with an engagement ring emoji next to it. To be fair, we had already established the desperate aspect. He was smart, he was interesting, he was funny, and even more importantly, he thought I was funny. We talked nonstop, and that night I told my best friend that I had found my soul mate. Two weeks later, we had our first date. It rained that night, and I walked in to the restaurant looking like a wet dog. I remember looking at him, waiting at the bar and thinking “Oh thank god, he’s not bald!”

We talked for four hours. He ordered a salad, I had steak (which I dropped on my skirt.) After the date, I went in for a hug and got a side arm pat. What? It went so well! He’s not in to me? He’s supposed to marry me! Not one to give up without a fight, or minor groveling, I came up with plan B. He was working at Home Depot the next day, and I stopped in to grab some paint supplies for an art project that didn’t exist. Half a paycheck later, we were talking in the parking lot and making plans for later that week. Two weeks later, we met each other’s parents and a month after that we signed our first lease together.

“Are you crazy? At 20 years old, you moved in with a guy from the internet after you knew him for a month?”  Yep, it was crazy. It was crazy, it was impulsive, and a little stupid. But sometimes love is crazy, impulsive, and stupid. Desperate or not, I knew that he was the one from the very first day.

I never believed in soul mates. I had a whole spiel on the matter, “you just pick someone to love and you make it work.” He proved me wrong. There are hard days, sometimes there are hard months. Sometimes it can feel like work, but knowing that you’ve found the person that you were meant to be with makes it all worth it. Two years and four months after our first date, he took me back to the very place that he side-patted my arm, and got down on one knee. So here’s to intrusive best friends, online dating, and soul mates.