A Sweetwater Brewery Tour With Mike & Abby

As a photographer, you get the chance to work with all sorts of different people, from all sorts of places, with all sorts of personalities, and every so often you get lucky enough to book your ideal client. Mike & Abby Matthews have been just that. 

 Lead Photographer: Madison Hernandez, Second Shooter:  Colin Prenger

Lead Photographer: Madison Hernandez, Second Shooter: Colin Prenger

I have been working with Mike & Abby for a little over a year now, and every moment has been a true pleasure. This time last year they chose me to be their wedding photographer. At their engagement session at Old Roswell Mill, I very vividly remember discussing the details for their 2016 wedding. At the time it seemed so far away, but now here we are, just two weeks away from their I Do's!

Today this perfect couple had a walkthrough of their venue (The Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta, Georgia) to square away last minute details with the event planner and myself. With the help of the Sweetwater staff, Mike & Abby were also able to brew their own special blend of beer to be served at their wedding reception in two weeks. My second shooter and I were able to practice working with each other while documenting this fun day for Mike & Abby. 

I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look of Sweetwater Brewery and learn a thing or two about how beer is made! (It's kind of complicated!)