Mary Kate & Steph

A Lifestyle Session

Stephanie and Mary Kate have been happily together since February 15th of 2014. At first, they were set up on a blind date but serendipitously ran into each other at the grocery store the night before their date at Octane westside. After an immediate connection and adoring what made them alike and different, they spent the last three years combining their movie collections, watching Kiki’s Delivery Service every night, adopting cats, drinking tea, and learning to grow from each other. Atlanta is their home, a city where they plan to continue to find work in and live their lives together. When Mary Kate misses and has the time before or after teaching dance, she often visits Stephanie during her shifts at Georgia Aquarium. Being enormous fans of the animated show, Steven Universe, has influenced their matching rings, Mary Kate’s having sapphires and Stephanie’s having rubies. A lot has changed since they met three years ago but one thing remains the same, their love for each other… and their need to adopt more cats.