Stephanie KSU Graduate

Kennesaw State University | Kennesaw, GA 

The Spring 2017 college graduates were so amazing to work with this year! This semester Shutterbug Studios was able to work with graduates from The University Of Georgia, Emory University, and Kennesaw State University. I can't wait to see where their bright futures take them, like Stephanie here, last week she graduated from KSU with her second bachelors degree. For her session she wore a beautiful baby blue dress which complimented her strawberry blonde hair so well. When we arrived at her session, we were locked out of the KSU nursing building, which was a bummer, but alas, we improvised! We worked outside the nursing building, took a walk down to the campus green, and ended with a super cool art installment outside of the Zuckerman art museum. Congratulations on graduating Stephanie!