Zack + Lacey: A Vineyard Wedding at Chateau Meichtry, Talking Rock, GA

I have patiently been waiting to share my favorite images from the Cheek wedding with all of you. Somehow it just seemed fitting to share this story with you all on Fathers Day. Here are a few words from our sweet bride, Lacey.


 "I've been in love for as long as I can remember. You see- I had this man who told me I was beautiful and special everyday, who sat on the floor and played barbies for hours on end, who let me paint his toe nails hot pink and put bows in his hair, who never missed a softball game or karate practice, who taught me how to shoot a pistol, who bragged on me to strangers. I had a man who told me I deserved to be treated like a queen. Then on March 9th 2015 my daddy went to be with Jesus. My world crumbled- I literally felt my heart shatter and I knew I'd never be loved like that again because men like my daddy just didn't exist. My fairy tale ended- then when I least expected it my BUT happened. BUT my daddy and my Father had some big plans for my heart. Those plans were plans of healing- laughter and love. Those plans were Zachary William Cheek. He loved every broken piece of my heart. He listened to stories of my dad and he held me tight when I cried. He is a daily reminder of my daddy- he is kind, funny, compassionate, loving and honest. He is proof that men like my daddy do exist. Having my daddy's picture with me on my wedding day was one of the most special parts of my day. His legs weren't there to walk me down the aisle but his spirit filled my heart and his smiling face brought so much reassurance and peace. My daddy would have loved Zack- his love shaped me into the woman I am today and I will carry that love with me for as long as I live. Happy Fathers Day to the BEST dad to ever walk this planet."


-Lacey Oakes Cheek, A Shutterbug Bride