Maia + Juan | A Carnival Inspired Engagement Session At SkyLine Park | Old Fourth Ward

"Juan and I met our freshman year of high school and soon after became friends. We became really close and it was an ongoing joke among our classmates that we were dating, which we both thought was ridiculous. Eventually we did start dating (about two years later). 

I am a planner and I like to be in control but if there is one thing I have learned, it is that nothing ever goes according to plan. Juan was supposed to join the military and I was supposed to graduate college in four years, but here we are. Juan is working a full time job and I'm still struggling to finish school. There has been a lot of emotional and spiritual growth throughout this 6 year journey together and I hold hope in knowing that we still have a lot more growing to do.

A lot of people are concerned that we are too young to get married but to be honest I think we're on Gods plan not everyone else's." 

-Maia, A Shutterbug Bride