Marla + Chandler: A Summertime Engagement Session, Woodstock, GA

“When Madison reached out and asked for our love story, I giggled a little. The reason why is because some people may think our love story is a little backwards. It’s not your traditional “meet the one, get married, buy a home with a white picket fence, plan and have babies and live happily ever after”  love story. Our story started about four years ago in September of 2013 when his fraternity threw a party that I attended with my sorority sisters. We hit it off and started spending a lot of time together after this night. I’m not sure either of us really knew where the relationship would lead; we just knew we had a real connection that we wanted to explore. We spent the next year traveling with one another, going on fun adventures and getting to know each other on a deeper level. It was an unforgettable year. In November 2014 we found out the biggest surprise of our lives- we were going to be parents to a baby boy in May 2015. I was nervous and scared to become a mother but I was thrilled to share this journey with Chandler. Ashton was born May 24th, 2015 and changed our lives forever. Over the past two years we have grown with one another and have become an amazing team on this crazy parenthood ride. Our relationship has strengthened and has become better than ever before. We bought our first home together in August this year and Chandler got down on one knee in March and surprised me by asking me to be his wife. I was ecstatic and full of emotions because sometimes I just still can’t believe I got this lucky and that this life is mine. These past four years have been a truly wild ride with this man but I wouldn’t go back and change anything at all about this backwards love story.”

– Marla Waters, A Shutterbug Bride